The Pod Group (PG) is a creative consulting group that looks beyond the confines of your four walls in developing practical and innovative solutions for your organization. We align solutions, services and training to provide customized and innovative Strategic Planning and Human Resources solutions to support our client's growth and organizational strategies, while promoting the integration of equity, diversity and inclusion in creating culture and engagement.

Our Mission

Engaging, empowering and elevating people in building highly successful organizations.

The Pod Group balances strategy with human capital, while focusing on building the competencies required to promote people-centred organizations. This emphasis is a natural fit for non-profit and community-based organizations, which extends with great success in serving a number of sectors including social services, developmental, housing, corrections, mental health and community health care

PG provides a true creative and strategic resource that will elevate your HR capabilities, through consulting or complete outsourced services in achieving your organizational goals and overall sustainability.